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Masterpieces in Malay: A writer's workshop

We are officially a week away from our first ever free, online writers' workshop, featuring renowned Fixi novelist Nadia Khan! 

Nadia has had works published in various forms, ranging from novels, to anthologies, to screenplays, and wrote and directed her first play last year - Kedai DVD Paralel, which famously features just two actors in a magical realism fiction that unfolds before your very eyes onstage. 

You may have seen her name stamped across the cover of colourful Kelabu:

Or Cerpen:

Or listed among the short story authors on the back of KL Noir: White.

Armed with a rich and diverse background in writing, Nadia's going to deliver a quick talk on how to:

  • get yourself more comfortable with the creative process, 
  • amplify the effect of your prose,
  • and overcome the many struggles of writing (which we all know come no matter the length of your experience).

The best part about the workshop, besides Nadia's talk of course, is that it's 100% free of charge, and it doesn't matter where you're based - we're having it online!

Before you sign up (and we do recommend signing up), here are the when, what, how and why of the workshop.

Things to know about Masterpieces in Malay: A writers' workshop

Besides the fact that it's free of charge and being held online?

Writer's workshop: a conversation with author
 and playwright Nadia Khan

Do you like writing, and are you passionate about Malay?
Are you an aspiring writer, keen blogger or just enjoy doing a little bit of creative writing here and there?

The Oxford Malay living dictionary and Malaysian writer and playwright, Nadia Khan, come together to deliver a writers' workshop on writing in Malay. Nadia Khan, author of Fixi books "Kelabu" and "Cerpen", will walk you through the ways in which you can become more comfortable with the creative process and avoid common pitfalls.

Nadia's presentation will be followed by a friendly session, which will challenge all participants to translate several important keywords in the world of writing.

Conversation with writer and playwright Nadia Khan about creative writing in Malay.
12/11 at 17:30 (Malaysian time, 09:30 British time)
For how  long? 
45 min

What  will you have to do?

Just log in on our online meeting space (desktop or tablet recommended) and have the Malay living dictionary open on another window. We'll provide all the directions and you can ask questions at any point.
You will be able to ask Nadia Khan questions. Following her talk there will be a very brief session to translate important keywords in the writing industry. You will not need to translate more than 10-20 words.

Why  take part in it?

You'll become part of the living dictionary and help preserve digital resources for Malay, which will be made available to the community on the living dictionary site.
You will also have a chance to meet author Nadia Khan, our Language Manager, Aiza Mohamad, and fellow community members who share a love and interest for Malay.
And it will be fun!

How do  I sign up?

If you want to join us, click here to register and book a place.
You will also need to be signed up to the Malay living dictionary: if you haven't yet, sign up for a free account here.
You will receive an email confirming your booking. If you have any trouble registering or joining the session on the day, please consult our Mini-word marathons' quick guide.

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