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Senarai kuiz dan cabaran penterjemahan

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This section is a list all of our past quizzes. The first part lists our themed Translation Challenges, the second part our themed quizzes, and the third part features our quizzes for learners of Malay.

Check back for updates every now and then!

Translation Challenges

  • Fine arts: Add some fine arts terms to our dictionary
  • Vacation: Know the Malay names for words like “glamping” and “backpacking”?
  • Agriculture: Translate some agricultural jargon for us
  • Internet: Know the Malay names for Internet jargon like “unfollow” and “stalker”?
  • Crime & Law: How do you say “freedom of speech” and “life sentence” in Malay?

Themed Quizzes

Quizzes for learners of Malay

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